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To Our Readers: Summary of Central Banker Survey Results

Monday, October 1, 2007

Last year, we surveyed Central Banker readers to help determine what readers like and dislike about this publication. The results were flattering, and we thank all of you who answered the survey. Nearly seven percent of our readership responded to the survey.

Almost all who responded said that they read every issue of Central Banker. Mostly, they are happy with the publication and its content: The writing is clear, the variety is good and the story length is generally just right. The majority indicated that the articles most often read are the lead story, the Feditorial and the Page 3 feature.

Respondents also indicated that they are interested in hearing more about banking trends, industry changes, and rules, regulations and policies.

One surprise was the lukewarm response to our ideas to expand our online presence. Most indicated they did not read Central Banker online; only half said they would read Central Banker if it was converted to an entirely electronic publication.

All of the results told us that we should continue to deliver the same high-quality product.

If you have additional comments you'd like to share, please send them to Scott Kelly. Thank you for reading Central Banker.