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St. Louis Fed Releases Online Training Course for Bank Directors

Friday, October 1, 2004

Do the directors of your board understand the mechanics of bank analysis? Would you like to help them better fulfill their responsibilities? Community bank directors often face a dilemma when they elect new outside directors. These individuals are often leading citizens, but without experience in banking. Yet, they are expected to identify issues with the bank's performance at an early stage, before more costly measures or regulatory action are needed.

To reduce regulatory burden and to help bank directors learn the basics of the boardroom, the St. Louis Fed's Center for Online Learning has created a free web-based course titled Insights for Bank Directors: A Basic Course on Evaluating Financial Performance and Portfolio Risk. This online course is based on a proven facilitator-led program developed by Forest Myers and Jim Hunter in the Supervision and Risk Management division of the Kansas City Fed.

Insights for Bank Directors is written in plain English and is designed to be interactive. The course uses videos and sample reports from a fictional bank to raise practical, on-the-job issues that bank directors may face.

Participants can work at their own pace, choosing the topics they want to learn more about. New directors can go through the course sequentially, while more experienced directors can use the course as a refresher or reference tool.

Participants need a computer and Internet access to take the course. To learn more, visit our web site,