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Regional Roundup

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Eighth District Announces Check Restructuring Dates

Bank President Bill Poole and First Vice President LeGrande Rives have announced the schedule for restructuring check processing across the Eighth District. Little Rock's check processing operations will be consolidated to Memphis in July 2004, and Louisville's operations will shift to Cincinnati in August 2004.

Federal Reserve Launches New HMDA Web Site

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis recently released a new web site, which describes the Regulation C amendments that are effective for calendar year 2004 HMDA data. This national web site supplements the FFIEC HMDA web site but does not replace it. It provides practical guidance for compliance personnel, plenty of examples and a page of frequently asked questions. To find out more about collecting and reporting calendar year 2004 HMDA data, visit

St. Louis Fed Offers Seminars on FR 2900

The St. Louis Fed will be holding seminars to teach bank operations staff how to properly complete the Report of Transaction Accounts, Other Deposits and Vault Cash (FR 2900). Participants will hear about changes to the report, discover what should be included in each line item, learn about the connection between their bank's FR 2900 report and their reserve requirements, and see how to use web-based applications and online tools.

Seminars will be held at the following dates and places:

  • Sept. 17 - Louisville
  • Sept. 24 - Memphis
  • Oct. 1 - St. Louis

The seminar is free, and a continental breakfast and lunch will be provided for all participants. For more information, contact Sue Horton at (314) 444-8743, or 1-800-333-0810 ext. 44-8743.