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St. Louis Fed's Web Site Gets a Makeover

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

In late summer, the Eighth District revamped its public web site. Our new address is much easier to remember, We also have a brand new look and feel, and we've made substantial improvements—ones we hope bankers will come to appreciate.

All of our publications and economic data (FRED®) are still on the site. However, we have restructured many of our categories. Here's a brief summary of what you'll find:

  • New: Banking Information—Includes several new topics, including regulations, applications and notices, bank data and much more.
  • New: News and Events—Lists all news releases, speeches and Bank-sponsored conferences and events. Also includes a Press Room with Fed backgrounder, biographies and media FAQs.
  • New: Consumer Information—Contains helpful links to various publications on credit, interest rates, savings bonds, personal finance and other topics.
  • Revised: Financial Services—Provides four new online cash letter forms (under the Check Operations section). You'll also find a new and improved customer communications section.
  • New online tools: Register online for most Bank-sponsored events.

When you have a moment, visit our new site. Then tell us what you think. You can access an online survey from our new home page.