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Electronic Access Support Consolidates at Minneapolis Fed

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

In July, the St. Louis Fed began efforts to consolidate customer support for electronic access services with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. When the transition is complete, Eighth District customers will contact the help desk staff in Minneapolis with questions on FedLine®, Computer Interface, Frame Relay and other electronic access issues. We are implementing this consolidation gradually and plan to complete the transition in the fall.

Besides a change in contact and telephone numbers, the transition to Minneapolis should be transparent to customers. The Minneapolis Fed has a solid background in electronic services customer support as well as an established customer service infrastructure. Customers can expect the same quality of service they were previously getting from customer support staff at the St. Louis Fed.

This latest effort follows closely on the heels of last year's successful consolidation of our ACH, Book-Entry Securities and Wire Transfer services, and is part of an overall direction at the Fed.

"Consolidating the electronic access and customer support functions is a natural step in support of our District's objective to make the Fed System more efficient," said LeGrande Rives, first vice president of the St. Louis Fed. "This initiative further illustrates our long-term commitment to operational and cost efficiencies in electronic services."

For updated EAS contact information please go to and look under the "features" section.