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Regional Roundup

Monday, October 1, 2001

St. Louis Check Department Improves Customer Service

In an effort to provide better customer service, the St. Louis Check Department has formed a Check Front Office. This office is staffed by two employees who answer all check-related customer calls, including those about: missing and late cash letters, adjustment cases and cash letter availability, plus "how-to" calls relating to check deposits and adjustments.

Before the St. Louis Front Office was established, check-related calls were fielded by various staff members in the Check and Business Development departments. Customers often were transferred numerous times before they got the answer they needed. Now, Check customers have a single point of contact; this new office is knowledgeable in all areas of Check operations to provide fast service.

Front Office staff members will attempt to answer and resolve all inquires during the first call. On some occasions, they may forward a service ticket to another employee; but generally, the person who answers the call will be the one responsible for following up with the customer. Financial institutions may call the Front Office's toll-free number at 1-866-433-3227.

Fed to Produce Three More Credit Scoring Brochures

At the beginning of 2001, the first two (of five) installments of the System's credit scoring brochures were produced and distributed by the District's Community Affairs Department.

These two brochures are: "Credit Scoring Overview" and "Credit Scoring Model Development and Maintenance." The remaining three brochure topics are: "Third-Party Brokers;" "Staff Training, Loan Pricing and Data Accuracy;" and "Overrides and Second Review Process." The Fed will distribute the remaining three brochures, still under development, within the next 12 months.

Electronic copies of the two completed brochures can be found on the Bank's web site, Anyone wishing to receive hard copies of the two articles, together with an introduction and folder for the series of credit scoring brochures, should contact Linda Aubuchon at (314) 444-8646.