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Fed Updates District Telephone Systems to Improve Customer Service

Monday, October 1, 2001

As part of the ongoing initiative to improve customer service, the St. Louis Fed is making changes to its telephone systems. The Bank recognizes that customers have a reason to contact a variety of work groups, and some of these groups are located only in a particular Branch office. These changes will make it easier for callers to reach the correct Bank employees regardless of where they are located in the District.

In July, the Little Rock Branch converted to the same telephone system as the St. Louis office. By late 2002, the Memphis and Louisville branches will upgrade their telephone systems, creating a unified communication channel within the District.

The first round of improvements has created some dialing changes for any Bank customer calling the Little Rock Branch's main number. None of the Branch's main or direct-dial telephone numbers are changing; however, customers who reach the Little Rock auto attendant must now enter a six-digit extension to reach their party rather than the old three-digit extension. St. Louis also will convert to six-digit dialing in September.

When fully implemented, the system will allow seamless call transfers between Branch offices and make it easier for customers to reach the right person.

Additionally, the new system will have Caller ID, which will allow service representatives to identify the originating phone number of the customer who is calling.

Specific dialing instructions were included in the Services Directory mailed to Little Rock customers in June. For more information about the District's new telephone system and how the conversion may affect your dialing patterns, please contact Jim Albenesius at (314) 444-8375, or 1-800-333-0810, ext. 44-8375.