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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Financial Education Information Available Free of Charge from the St. Louis Fed

The Economic Education department at the St. Louis Fed offers materials for use in K-8 social studies classrooms that align with the common core standards. Also available are materials for use in economics, history, government and personal finance classes in grades 9 through 12, as well as resources for adults. You may also search a glossary of economics and personal finance terms. All of these materials are available free of charge. Visit or contact Mary Suiter, manager of economic education at the St. Louis Fed, at

Three New Podcasts on Job Creation Available from the Atlanta Fed

Retrofitting Institutions: Feeding Job Growth with Energy Hogs

Satya Rhodes-Conway and James Irwin, senior associates at the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, discuss how retrofitting public and institutional buildings spurs job creation in the real estate sector.

Trash to Treasure: Turning Waste into Jobs

Nancey Green Leigh, a professor of city and regional planning at Georgia Tech, discusses how to design a program that can create jobs from the waste diversion process.

Can the Jobs Gap Be Filled Through Temporary Public-sector Positions?

Philip Harvey, professor of law and economics at Rutgers University, discusses how his proposed direct job creation program would create temporary public-sector jobs and, in the process, help reduce unemployment.

To view the transcript or play the MP3 file of any of these podcasts, visit Link and scroll to the individual podcast title.