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8 From the Eighth Audio Podcasts

8 From the Eighth is a podcast series from the Community Development department at the St. Louis Fed. Through interviews with experts (consisting of eight questions), listeners learn about current community development challenges—and successes—in the Eighth District, helping them to understand both the problems and the solutions. Podcasts cover a variety of topics, including innovative strategies and emerging trends related to community development.

  • Arnett Muldrow & Associates
    Ben Muldrow, partner at Arnett Muldrow & Associates—a small business in Greenville, S.C., that specializes in downtown revitalization, economic development, community branding and historic preservation—discusses the impact of technology on our communities.
  • Clarifi
    Scott Karol, vice president of counseling and program evaluation at Clarifi—previously known as Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS)—discusses how the organization has successfully incorporated behavioral economics principles that make it more likely their clients will follow through on their goals.
  • Invest Outcomes
    Steve Rothschild, president and founder of Invest Outcomes, explains the pay-for-success financing model and how it is being used to address the funding of discretionary services, often human services.

Economic Development Podcasts

Experts from industry and academia provide their thoughts on workforce development, entrepreneurship and employee training in these podcasts.

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