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St. Louis Fed Unveils Video Series To Help Teach Economics


ST. LOUIS –The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis unveiled today the first of its Economic Lowdown Video Companion series, designed to help high school educators teach economics, Advanced Placement economics and business courses.  The first episode, which explores the concept of supply, is available free of charge on the St. Louis Fed’s YouTube Channel and web site at

The Economic Lowdown Video Companion series helps high school students better understand economics.  These brief videos use clear, simple language and graphic elements so that students can better visualize the economic concepts being presented.  In the end, they will see how economic principles affect the choices they make in their everyday lives.

Additional videos, explaining the concepts of demand and market equilibrium, will be available in the fall.  

These videos are part of the St. Louis Fed’s ongoing effort to improve the economic and personal finance knowledge of students across the country.  In 2010, lesson plans and course materials developed by the Bank were downloaded by teachers 384,015 times.  In addition, nearly 34,000 students from 43 states were enrolled in online economic courses provided by the Bank.

For more information on the St. Louis Fed’s economic education programs, see