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Making Sense of the Federal Reserve

Now available—bonus puzzles that you can print out and distribute to reinforce the concepts presented in the In Plain English materials. Assign them for homework or just use them for classroom fun.

Word Search
Description: Can you find these terms that all relate to the Federal Reserve?
(Bonus: Can you describe how they relate to the Fed?)
Ideal for: Grades 8-10
Word Search with Answer Key (.pdf)

Fed Scramble
Description: Unscramble the letters to identify key Fed lingo.
(They're not as easy as they look!)
Ideal for: Grades 8-10
FedScramble with Answer Key (.pdf)

Crossword Puzzle
Description: Are you a puzzle-solver? Check out this tried-and-true Sunday paper favorite.
Ideal for: Grades 8-12
Crossword Puzzle with Answer Key (.pdf)

Watch the In Plain English video to learn more about the Federal Reserve System – who we are and what we do.