FOMC Speak

John C. Williams

President, San Francisco

Start of Term: 3/1/2011

President Williams's Remarks

3/1/2015  Video Interview, Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo": Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco chief John Williams 

2/27/2015  Video Interview, Fed’s Williams on when to expect rate hikes 

2/26/2015  Video Interview, Fox Business' "Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo": Fed’s Williams: Will reach full-employment by end of year 

2/26/2015  Video Interview, Fox Business' "Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo": Williams: First step to rate hikes may come in summer, fall 

1/30/2015  Video Interview, CNBC: Fed's Williams on global growth 

1/30/2015  Video Interview, CNBC: Fed's Williams on rate hike 

1/30/2015 (2:54 PM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC: Unemployment at 5% end of year: Fed's Williams 

10/31/2014  Speech, "South African Reserve Bank Conference on "Fourteen Years of Inflation Targeting in South Africa and the Challenge of a Changing Mandate", in Pretoria, South Africa: Inflation Targeting and the Global Financial Crisis: Successes and Challenges 

10/19/2014 (6:17 PM ET)  Q&A, Wall Street Journal: A Q&A With San Francisco Fed’s John Williams  

10/9/2014 (3:40 PM ET)  Speech, Las Vegas, Nev.: Navigating toward Normal: The Road Back to the Future for Monetary Policy 

10/5/2014 (3:00 AM ET)  Q&A, The Sacramento Bee: Q&A with John C. Williams, president and CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of S.F. 

8/22/2014  Video Interview, Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers": Fed's Williams Sees Rate Rise Occurring Near Mid-2015 

8/21/2014 (11:37 AM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC: Fed's Williams: Far from full employment 

8/21/2014 (11:34 AM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC: Fed's Williams: Summer 2015 reasonable for rate hike 

8/15/2014 (3:50 PM ET)  Q&A, Oakland Tribune: Q&A: John Williams, president of the Federal Reserve in San Francisco 

7/16/2014  Opening Remarks, Los Angeles Unite for Veterans Summit in Los Angeles, Calif.: Opening remarks to the Los Angeles Unite for Veterans Summit  

6/30/2014 (12:10 PM ET)  Speech, Utah and Montana Bankers Association, Sun Valley, Idaho?: Accommodative Monetary Policy: Savior or Saboteur? 

5/22/2014 (4:00 PM ET)  Speech, Association of Trade and Forfaiting in the Americas, Ritz Carlton, in San Francisco, Calif.: The Economic Recovery and Monetary Policy: The Road Back to Ordinary 

3/12/2014  Q&A, The New York Times: Q&A: The Fed Will Manage a Soft Landing 

3/5/2014 (8:30 PM ET)  Speech, Seattle University Albers School of Business in Seattle, Wash.: The Federal Reserve:? Inside Monetary Policy 

2/19/2014 (7:00 PM ET)  Speech, Money Marketeers of New York University in New York, N.Y. : Economic Conditions and Monetary Policy: A Transitional Phase Introduction 

1/31/2014  Video Interview, FOX Business: Fed’s Williams: Bernanke saved US from another great depression 

1/31/2014  Video Interview, FOX Business: Fed's Williams: Focus should be on medium term, not short-run volatility 

1/9/2014  Q&A, The Wall Street Journal: Q&A: Fed’s Williams on Upbeat 2014 Outlook and What Keeps Him up at Night  

1/7/2014 (2:10 PM ET)  Presentation, Lambda Alpha International and Arizona Bankers Association in Phoenix, Ariz.: Housing, Banking, and the Recovery: The Outlook 

11/8/2013 (4:00 PM ET)  Speech, Community Leaders Luncheon Speech, Los Angeles, Calif.: Rebalancing the Economy: A Tale of Two Countries 

10/18/2013  Panel Discussion, NBER Conference in Boston, Mass.: Lessons from the Financial Crisis for Unconventional Monetary Policy 

10/10/2013  Speech, Boise Business and Community Leaders’ Luncheon in Boise, Idaho: Monetary Policy and the Recovery 

10/3/2013 (11:00 AM ET)  Speech, UC San Diego Economic Roundtable in San Diego, Calif.: Will Unconventional Monetary Policy Be the New Normal? 

9/9/2013 (11:00 AM ET)  Speech, National Association for Business Economics, San Francisco, Calif.: Bubbles Tomorrow and Bubbles Yesterday, but Never Bubbles Today? 

9/4/2013 (12:30 PM ET)  Speech, Portland Community Leaders in Portland, Ore.: The Economic Outlook, Unemployment, and Monetary Policy 

8/26/2013 (9:16 AM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC with Steve Liesman: Taper decision depends on data: Williams 

8/23/2013  Video Interview, Bloomberg TV "Market Makers": Williams: Keeping `Open Mind' Into Next Fed Meeting 

6/28/2013 (3:30 PM ET)  Speech, Sonoma County Economic Development Board in Rohnert Park, Calif.: The Economic Recovery: Past, Present, and Future 

5/20/2013 (5:00 PM ET)  Speech, Commencement Address, Economics Department, University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley, Calif. : Life's Unpredictable Arc 

5/16/2013 (3:05 PM ET)  Speech, Portland Business Journal CFO of the Year Awards Luncheon in Portland, Ore. : The Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy: Moving in the Right Direction 

4/3/2013 (3:30 PM ET)  Speech, Town Hall Los Angeles in Los Angeles, Calif.: The Economy and the Federal Reserve: Real Progress, but Too Soon to Relax 

2/21/2013 (1:00 PM ET)  Speech, The Forecasters Club, New York, N.Y.: The Economy and Monetary Policy: Follow the Demand 

1/14/2013 (11:55 AM ET)  Speech, SEMI 2013 Industry Strategy Symposium in Half Moon Bay, Calif.: The Economy and Monetary Policy in Uncertain Times 

11/14/2012 (8:45 PM ET)  Speech, University of San Francisco Center for the Pacific Rim in San Francisco, Calif.: The Role of Monetary Policy in Bolstering Economic Growth 

11/5/2012 (8:00 PM ET)  Speech, Center for Economics and Public Policy, UC Irvine, in Irvine, Calif.: The Federal Reserve's Unconventional Policies 

11/2/2012 (2:25 PM ET)  Speech, Salt Lake City, Utah: The Role of Monetary Policy in Bolstering Economic Growth 

10/15/2012  Speech, Financial Women's Association of San Francisco in San Francisco, Calif.: The Economy, Fiscal Policy, and Monetary Policy 

9/24/2012  Speech, City Club of San Francisco in San Francisco, Calif.: The Economic Outlook and Challenges to Monetary Policy 

8/31/2012  Video Interview, Bloomberg TV: Williams Calls for Additional Fed Bond Purchases 

8/31/2012  Video Interview, CNBC: SF Fed President: What Else Fed Can Do 

7/12/2012  Speech, Portland Community Leaders, Portland, Oreg.: The Economic Outlook and Challenges to Monetary Policy 

7/9/2012  Speech, Joint Convention of the Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon Bankers Associations in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho: The Economic Outlook and Challenges to Monetary Policy 

7/2/2012  Speech, Western Economic Association International, San Francisco, Calif.: Monetary Policy, Money, and Inflation 

6/11/2012  Welcoming Remarks, Conference on Asian Banking and Finance at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, San Francisco, Calif.: Welcoming Remarks 

6/6/2012  Speech, Seattle-Area Community Leaders in Bellevue, WA: The Economic Outlook: Global and Domestic Challenges to Growth 

6/6/2012  Video Interview, Bellevue, Wash.: Williams Sees Fed `Closer' to Question of Stimulus  

5/4/2012  Speech, California Bankers Association, 121st Annual Convention, in Dana Point, Calif.: Bank Regulation in the Post-Crisis World 

5/3/2012  Speech, University of California Santa Barbara Economic Forecast Project 2012, Santa Barbara County Economic Summit, Santa Barbara, California: The Slow Recovery: Causes and Monetary Policy Implications 

4/4/2012  Presentation, SPUR Business Breakfast Series, San Francisco, Calif.: Monetary Policy and the Slow Recovery: It’s Not Just About Housing 

4/3/2012  Presentation, University of San Diego School of Business Administration, San Diego, Calif.: Monetary Policy and the Slow Recovery: It’s Not Just About Housing 

3/1/2012  Speech, CFA Hawaii Seventh Annual Economic Forecast Dinner in Honolulu, Hawaii: The Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy 

2/24/2012  Presentation, 2012 U.S. Monetary Policy Forum, New York, NY: Discussion of "Housing, Monetary Policy, and the Recovery" 

2/13/2012  Speech, Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum, Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA: The Federal Reserve’s Mandate and Best Practice Monetary Policy 

2/8/2012  Speech, Bishop Ranch Forum in San Ramon, California: The Federal Reserve and the Economic Recovery 

1/10/2012  Speech, The Columbian’s 2012 Economic Forecast Breakfast in Vancouver, Washington: The Federal Reserve and the Economic Recovery 

11/18/2011  Presentation, Fourth Summit Meeting of Central Banks on Inflation Targeting, Central Bank of Chile, Santiago, Chile: Swimming Upstream: Monetary Policy Following the Financial Crisis 

11/15/2011  Presentation, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Phoenix, Ariz.: The Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy 

11/11/2011  Presentation, International Monetary Fund Annual Research Conference, Washington, D.C.: Monetary Policy in an Era of Crises 

9/23/2011  Presentation, Swiss National Bank Research Conference, Zurich, Switzerland: Unconventional Monetary Policy: Lessons from the Past Three Years 

9/9/2011  Remarks, Symposium on Asian Banking and Finance, San Francisco, Calif.: Risk Management and Macroprudential Supervisory Policies 

9/7/2011  Speech, Rotary Club of Seattle, Seattle, Wash.: The Outlook for the U.S. Economy and Role for Monetary Policy1 

7/28/2011  Speech, Salt Lake City, Utah: The Outlook for the Economy and Monetary Policy 

6/1/2011  Speech, AEA National Conference on Teaching Economics and Research in Economic Education, San Francisco, Calif: Economics Instruction and the Brave New World of Monetary Policy 

5/4/2011  Speech, Town Hall Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Calif.: Maintaining Price Stability in a Global Economy 

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