FOMC Speak

Dennis P. Lockhart

President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Start of Term: 3/1/2007

President Lockhart's Remarks

11/19/2015 (12:30 PM ET)  Remarks, DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, in Atlanta, Ga.: Outlook and Policy Views 

11/5/2015  Speech, Joint Central Bank Conference in Bern, Switzerland.: The Transition from Extraordinary to "Normal" 

10/9/2015 (9:10 AM ET)  Speech, Society of American Business Editors and Writers in New York, N.Y.: An Economic Narrative 

9/21/2015  Speech, Buckhead Rotary Club in Atlanta, Ga.: Comments on the Recent Monetary Policy Decision 

8/28/2015  Video Interview, Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Markets": 'Open Question' Whether Fed Moves or Waits: Lockhart 

8/24/2015  Speech, Public Pension Funding Forum in Berkeley, Calif.: The Interplay of Public Pensions and the Broad Economy 

8/10/2015  Audio Interview, Atlanta Fed's Economy Matters Podcast: The ABCs of the FOMC: Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart Discusses the Policymaking Process 

8/10/2015 (12:25 PM ET)  Speech, Atlanta Press Club in Atlanta, Ga.: A Story of Economic Progress 

8/10/2015 (9:00 AM ET)  Opening Remarks, Developing Qualified Workers: Pathways to Employability for High School Students and Graduates, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga.: Opening Remarks and Economic Perspective (Audio) 

8/5/2015  Q&A, Wall Street Journal: Dennis Lockhart Elaborates on Economic Forecasts, Real Estate: Q&A Part 2 

8/4/2015  Q&A, Wall Street Journal: Excerpts From Atlanta Fed’s Lockhart Interview 

5/6/2015 (1:30 PM ET)  Speech, Baton Rouge Rotary Luncheon in Baton Rouge, La.: Consumer Outlook: A Linchpin of Growth 

4/16/2015 (1:00 PM ET)  Speech, Palm Beach County Business Leaders Luncheon in Palm Beach, Fla.: To Liftoff and Beyond 

4/13/2015  Q&A, Financial Times: Interview: Lockhart on Fed rate expectations 

3/26/2015 (8:19 AM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC with Steve Liesman: Dennis Lockhart shares his thoughts on the strength of the dollar, the market's recent volatility, and when he expects the Fed to raise rates.  

3/26/2015 (8:18 AM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC with Steve Liesman: Fed Pres. Lockhart: Economy sending 'mixed signals'  

3/25/2015  Q&A, The New York Times: Q. and A. With Fed’s Dennis Lockhart: The Year to Raise Rates 

3/20/2015 (10:20 AM ET)  Speech, Georgia Law Review symposium, "Financial Regulation: Reflections and Projections", The University of Georgia, in Athens, Ga.: Thoughts on Prudential Regulation of Financial Firms 

2/6/2015 (12:45 PM ET)  Speech, Southwest Florida Business Leaders Luncheon, Naples, Fla. : Considerations on the Path to Policy Normalization 

1/12/2015 (12:40 PM ET)  Speech, Rotary Club of Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga. : A Potentially Momentous Year for Policy 

1/9/2015  Audio Interview, Bloomberg: Lockhart Says Jobs Data No Reason to Raise Rates Sooner 

12/8/2014 (12:30 PM ET)  Speech, Council for Quality Growth in Atlanta, Ga.: More than a Few Good Data 

10/16/2014 (9:00 AM ET)  Speech, Community Development Conference: Transforming U.S. Workforce Development Policies for the 21st Century, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J.: Strategic Workforce Development: Training for Employability 

9/25/2014 (1:20 PM ET)  Speech, 2014 U.S. Senator Thad Cochran Forum on American Enterprise, Mississippi Council on Economic Education, Jackson, Miss.: Key Questions for Monetary Policy 

8/25/2014 (8:41 AM ET)  Q&A, MarketWatch: The Fed: Fed’s Lockhart on timing of lift off, ‘highly valued’ markets and more  

8/22/2014  Video Interview, Fox Business: Fed’s Lockhart on when the Fed will hike 

8/22/2014 (12:41 PM ET)  Audio Interview, Bloomberg Radio's "The Hays Advantage": Fed's Lockhart Not Moving Up Rate Hike Date (Audio) 

8/22/2014 (12:08 PM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC: Lockhart thinks 'conditions come together' for liftoff mid-2015 

8/22/2014 (12:08 PM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC: The Fed: Atlanta Fed's Lockhart: Looking for several more months of confirming economic evidence 

8/22/2014 (12:07 PM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC: Fed's Lockhart: Markets seem highly valued, but financial system resilient 

8/22/2014 (12:04 PM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC: Fed's Lockhart: Unemployment rate doesn't tell whole story 

8/6/2014 (3:20 PM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC's "Closing Bell": Tax inversions a colliding conflict: Lockhart 

8/6/2014 (3:18 PM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC's "Closing Bell": Fed's Lockhart addresses wealth gap 

8/6/2014 (3:17 PM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC's "Closing Bell": Inflation expectations well anchored: Fed's Lockhart 

8/6/2014 (3:15 PM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC's "Closing Bell": Mid-2015 right time to consider rate move: Fed's Lockhart 

7/11/2014  Video Interview, Bloomberg TV's "Bottom Line" with Michael McKee: Fed's Lockhart on Monetary Policy, Inflation, Jobs  

7/11/2014 (3:15 PM ET)  Speech, Global Interdependence Center, Sixth Annual Rocky Mountain Economic Summit in Jackson Hole, Wyo.: Thoughts on Liftoff 

5/27/2014 (8:10 PM ET)  Speech, Louisiana State University, Graduate School of Banking in Baton Rouge, La. : The Economic and Community Banking Landscape 

5/11/2014  Speech, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The Global Economy, the U.S. Economy, and the Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy 

4/2/2014 (12:30 PM ET)  Speech, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce in Miami, Fla.: One Policymaker's Approach to Evaluating Economic Progress 

3/6/2014 (6:00 PM ET)  Speech, Tanous Lecture, Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C.: The Challenge of Estimating Full Employment 

2/19/2014 (12:15 PM ET)  Speech, Mercer University in Macon, Ga.: The Economic Outlook and Forward Guidance 

2/5/2014 (1:40 PM ET)  Speech, Rotary Club of Birmingham, Birmingham, Ala.: 2014: A Transitional Year 

1/13/2014 (12:40 PM ET)  Speech, Rotary Club of Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga.: The Economic Outlook for 2014 

12/5/2013 (8:15 AM ET)  Speech, Broward Workshop, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: The Economic Outlook and Future Policy Directions 

11/12/2013 (1:50 PM ET)  Speech, Annual Business and Economic Summit, Montgomery, Ala.: Monetary Policy and the Economic Outlook 

11/8/2013 (12:00 PM ET)  Speech, Ole Miss Banking Symposium in Oxford, Miss.: Monetary Policy and the Economic Outlook 

9/23/2013 (9:20 AM ET)  Speech, Creative Leadership Summit, Louise Blouin Foundation, Metropolitan Club, in New York, N.Y.: Is the U.S. Economy Losing Its Dynamism? 

8/23/2013  Audio Interview, Bloomberg Surveillance: Fed's Lockhart: Won't Rule Out September Tapering  

8/23/2013  Video Interview, CNBC with Steve Liesman: Outlook for growth, and QE easing 

8/23/2013  Video Interview, FOX Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart on inflation and QE-tapering outlook. 

8/23/2013 (8:00 AM ET)  Video Interview, Bloomberg TV: In the Loop: Fed's Lockhart: Won't Rule Out September Tapering  

8/13/2013 (12:45 PM ET)  Speech, Kiwanis Club of Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga.: Policy Actions and the Economic Outlook 

6/27/2013 (12:30 PM ET)  Speech, Kiwanis Club of Marietta in Marietta, Ga.: Monetary Policy in Light of the Economic Outlook 

6/3/2013  Video Interview, Bloomberg TV: Lockhart: Fed Doesn't Plan Major Policy Shift  

6/3/2013  Video Interview, Fox Business: Lockhart: Reducing Bond Purchases Can't be Ruled Out 

6/3/2013 (12:50 PM ET)  Video Interview, BNN Headline with Howard Green: Fed's Lockhart won't 'rule out' increase in QE (Part 3) 

6/3/2013 (12:40 PM ET)  Video Interview, BNN Headline with Howard Green: Fed's Lockhart won't 'rule out' increase in QE (Part 2) 

6/3/2013 (12:30 PM ET)  Video Interview, BNN Headline with Howard Green: Fed's Lockhart won't 'rule out' increase in QE (Part 1) 

4/12/2013  Welcoming Remarks, Community Development Research Conference, Washington, D.C.: Lockhart Kicks Off Conference with Description of a Resilient Workforce 

4/4/2013  Audio Interview, University of Dayton's RISE conference in Dayton, Ohio: Panel discussion 

4/4/2013 (7:15 AM ET)  Video Interview, CNBC: Outlook on the Economy With Fed's Lockhart 

4/2/2013 (1:30 PM ET)  Speech, Kiwanis Club of Birmingham, Harbert Center, in Birmingham, Ala.: The Labor Market, Monetary Policy, and Risks to the Economic Outlook 

2/25/2013 (7:00 PM ET)  Speech, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn.: Monetary Policy and the Employment Challenge 

2/12/2013  Q&A, Bloomberg Businessweek: Media Q&A in Madrid, Spain 

2/12/2013 (1:30 PM ET)  Speech, Instituto de Empresas, Madrid, Spain: The Challenges of Growth and Employment 

1/17/2013 (12:05 PM ET)  Video Interview, Bloomberg Link Global Markets Summit in New York, N.Y.: Lockhart Says Fed Policies Cause Legitimate Concern  

1/14/2013 (12:40 PM ET)  Speech, Rotary Club of Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga.: Fiscal Uncertainty, Monetary Policy, and the Economic Outlook 

11/27/2012 (6:30 AM ET)  Speech, Hyman P. Minsky Conference, Levy Economics Institute in Berlin, Germany: Thoughts on Two Other Potential Sources of Financial Instability: The Payments System and Public Pensions 

11/16/2012 (3:45 PM ET)  Speech, University of Virginia Investing Conference in Charlottesville, Va.: Monetary Policy and Emerging Challenges 

11/1/2012 (12:30 PM ET)  Speech, Chattanooga Downtown Rotary in Chattanooga, Tenn.: The Challenges of Understanding Labor Market Trends 

9/21/2012  Speech, Atlanta Institute of Internal Auditors in Atlanta, Ga.: U.S. Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy 

9/20/2012  Speech, The Future of Workforce Development Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, in Kansas City, Mo.: The Future of Workforce Development 

8/31/2012  Video Interview, Bloomberg TV: Fed's Lockhart Is Weighing Risks, Benefits of QE3 

8/31/2012  Video Interview, FOX Business: Lockhart: Weighing the Pros and Cons of More Action 

8/30/2012  Video Interview, CNBC Squawk Box, Live from Jackson Hole, WY: Does the Economy Need QE3? 

8/21/2012  Speech, Latin American Chamber of Commerce and the World Affairs Council in Atlanta, Ga. : The U.S. Economic Outlook and Implications for Latin America 

7/13/2012  Speech, Mississippi Economic Council in Jackson, Miss.: The Debate Over Further Monetary Action 

6/6/2012  Speech, Broward Workshop in Fort Lauderdale, FL: Headwinds, Risks, and Monetary Policy 

5/21/2012  Speech, Institute of Regulation & Risk, North Asia in Tokyo, Japan: Monetary Policy Limits: Federal Reserve Actions and Tools 

5/3/2012  Speech, University of California Santa Barbara Economic Forecast Project, 2012 Santa Barbara County Economic Summit in Santa Barbara, Calif.: A Look at the Economy through the Federal Reserve’s Dual Mandate 

5/1/2012  Video Interview, CNBC: Limits of Monetary Policy? 

4/4/2012  Radio Interview, Bloomberg Radio's Hays Advantage: Lockhart Says No QE3 Unless Economy Weakens 

3/1/2012  Speech, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Annual Banking Outlook Conference in Atlanta, GA: Monetary Policy and the Credit Channel 

2/14/2012  Speech, New College of Florida in Sarasota, FL: Heart to Heart: An Economic Outlook and Federal Reserve Policy 

1/9/2012  Speech, Rotary Club of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia: Current Economic Performance, Underlying Fundamentals, and the Outlook 

12/15/2011  Speech, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Ga.: Remarks on Financial Responsibility 

11/29/2011  Speech, University of Georgia Terry College of Business, 2012 Economic Outlook, Atlanta, Ga.: What’s Ahead for 2012: The Facts about Forecasting 

11/10/2011  Speech, Conference on Small Business and Entrepreneurship during an Economic Recovery, Washington, D.C.: Start-ups, Job Creation, and Bank Financing 

10/18/2011  Speech, CFA Society of East Tennessee, Chattanooga, Tenn. : Expectations and the Economy 

10/7/2011  Speech, Town Hall on Financial Capability, Atlanta, Ga.: Financial Capability and the Role of Trust 

9/27/2011  Speech, World Affairs Council of Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Fla.: The Economy and Monetary Policy—The Latest “Twist” 

9/7/2011  Video, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta: Deleveraging in Today's U.S. Economy 

8/31/2011  Speech, Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Lafayette, La.: Deleveraging in Today's U.S. Economy 

8/15/2011  Speech, Rotary Club of Florence and the Greater Shoals/Sheffield Rotary Club, Florence, Ala.: Five Questions and Answers about Today’s Economy 

7/29/2011  Speech, 3rd Annual rocky Mountain Economic Summit, Jackson Hole, Wyo.: Two Views of the Economy 

7/29/2011  Video Interview, CNBC: Fed Presidents on Debt 

6/7/2011  Speech, Charlotte Economics Club, Charlotte, N.C.: In Support of an Explicit Inflation Target 

5/19/2011  Video, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta: Outlook 

5/15/2011  Speech, Media Financial Management Association, Media Finance Focus 2011, Atlanta, Ga.: Federal Reserve Communication: Striving for Clarity in a Fast Changing World 

5/11/2011  Speech, National Funding Association, Council for Quality Growth, Atlanta, Ga.: Real Estate and the Economic Recovery 

4/8/2011  Speech, Knoxville Economics Club, Knoxville Economics Forum, Knoxville, Tenn.: A View of U.S. Manufacturing 

4/4/2011  Speech, The International Economic Forum of the Americas, Palm Beach Strategic Forum, West Palm Beach, Fla.: The Great Rebalancing 

3/28/2011  Speech, Rotary Club of Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga.: Headwinds and Tailwinds 

3/25/2011  Speech, Bonita/Estero Market Pulse Conference, Ft. Myers, Fla.: Headwinds and Tailwinds 

3/7/2011  Speech, 2011 NABE Economic Policy Conference, Arlington, Va.: Economy Today and Policy Framework for Today and Tomorrow 

3/3/2011  Speech, Economics Club of Florida, Tallahassee, Fla.: Understanding Today's Employment Challenge 

2/8/2011  Speech, Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce, Anniston, Ala.: Rising Prices, the Cost of Living, and Inflation 

1/31/2011  Speech, Miami Dade College, Miami, Fla.: Functions of the Fed and the Current Economic Situation 

1/10/2011  Speech, Rotary Club of Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga.: The Economy in 2011: Sustainable Growth despite Headwinds 

11/30/2010  Video, Alabama World Affairs Council, Montgomery, Ala.: Toward a Faster Recovery and Reduced Risk of Deflation 

11/16/2010  Speech, Alabama World Affairs Council, Montgomery, Ala.: Toward a Faster Recovery and Reduced Risk of Deflation 

11/11/2010  Speech, Conference on Employment and the Business Cycle, Atlanta, Ga.: Business Feedback on Today's Labor Market 

10/19/2010  Video Interview, CNBC's Squawk Box: Why the Possible Risks Associated with QE2 are "Acceptable" 

10/18/2010  Speech, Savannah Rotary Club, Savannah, Ga.: The Challenges of Monetary Policy in Today's Economy 

9/29/2010  Video Interview, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta: Gauging the Economy and Monetary Policy 

9/28/2010  Speech, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn.: The Approaching Monetary Policy Decision Dilemma 

9/3/2010  Speech, East Tennessee State University, Tenn.: Gauging the Economy and Monetary Policy 

9/3/2010  Video, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta: Video Highlights from His Sept. 3 speech on the Current State of the Economy 

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