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The Regional Economist is a quarterly publication aimed at an engaged, nonacademic audience. This publication addresses the regional, national and international economic issues of the day.

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October 2011

Is Shadow Banking Really Banking?

To those who don't know, the term "shadow banking" probably has a negative connotation. This primer draws parallels between what has been termed the shadow banking sector and the traditional banking sector—showing that they are similar in many ways.

Why Health Care Matters and the Current Debt Does Not

All of the attention given to raising the debt ceiling this past summer might lead some to believe that spending by the federal government only recently became unsustainable.  Hardly.  We've been on this path a long time.

Questions about the Budget Deficit of the U.S. Have No Easy Answers

This Q&A on the federal deficit is a preview of the "Dialogue with the Fed" that the public is invited to Oct. 18 at the St. Louis Fed.

President's Message: Economic Data—Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Gender Wage Gap May Be Much Smaller Than Most Think

Worth Your Weight? Re-examining the Link between Obesity and Wages

Immigrants: Skills, Occupations and Locations

National Overview: New Data Elevate Uncertainty about the Outlook on the Economy

District Overview: Revised Data Show that District Gained, Not Lost, Jobs in 2010

Community Profile: Plentiful Green Space along Interstate Drives Economy of Tiny Missouri Town

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