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This event was by invitation only. Presentation materials and best practices will also be published online as they become available.

Past Event

Confronting the Neighborhood Impacts of Foreclosure | Oct. 20, 2008

Federal Reserve Board | Washington, DC

Hosted by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

The seminar explored a range of policy topics discussed throughout the Recovery, Renewal, Rebuilding series. Sessions during the symposium (subject to change) included:

Presentation materials

Agenda (PDF)


Welcome (video) (MP3)
Sandra Braunstein, Federal Reserve Board

Summary of Main Findings from Federal Reserve System Foreclosure Series

Summary of Recovery, Renewal, Rebuiling Events (PDF) (video) (MP3)
Alfreda Norman, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and
Scott Turner, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Effectively Utilizing and Leveraging National Resources to Address Abandonment

Introduction by Moderator (video) (MP3)
Ellen Fitzgerald, NeighborWorks America

Thinking strategically about the Neighborhood Stabilization (NSP) program (PDF) (video) (MP3)
Alan Mallach, National Housing Institute

Introduction to the National Community Stabilization Trust (video) (MP3)
Craig Nickerson, National Community Stabilization Trust

Youngstown 2010: Sharing A Vision for a Better Tomorrow (PDF) (video) (MP3)
Mayor Jay Williams, City of Youngstown, OH

Q&A (video) (MP3)

Navigating Ownership and Control of Vacant Property

Introduction by Moderator (video) (MP3)
Juan Sanchez, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Navigating Ownership and Control of Vacant Property: Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (PDF) (video) (MP3)
Bruce Gottschall, Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago

The HOPE NOW Alliance (video) (MP3)
Faith Schwartz, HOPE NOW Alliance

National Community Stabilization Trust (PDF) (video) (MP3)
Mary Tingerthal, Housing Partnership Network

Q&A (video) (MP3)

Lunch Speaker

How the Current Economic Crisis will Change the Nature if Community Development (video)
Jeremy Nowak, The Reinvestment Fund

Pricing and Valuation of Vacant Properties

Introduction by Moderator (video) (MP3)
David Buchholz, Federal Reserve Board

Macroeconomic Conditions and Home Valuations (PDF) (video) (MP3)
Karen Dynan, Federal Reserve Board

Pricing and Valuation of Vacant Properties: Developing a Neighborhood Stabilization Approach (PDF) (video) (MP3)
Charles Laven, Forsyth Street Advisors

Pricing and Valuation (video) (MP3)
Donna Sheline, JP Morgan Chase

Q&A (video) (MP3)

Models of Vacant Property Disposition

Introduction by Moderator (not available)
Ruth Clevenger, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Models of Vacant Property Disposition: Los Angeles Housing Department (PDF) (video) (MP3)
Mercedes Márquez, Los Angeles Housing Department

Foreclosed Properties in Massachusetts: Early Responses (PDF) (video) (MP3)
Prabal Chakrabarti, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Strategies for Transforming Vacant and Abandoned Properties from Liabilities To Assets (PDF) (video) (MP3)
Daniel Kildee, Genesee County

Models for Vacant Property Disposition and Community Stabilization (PDF) (video) (MP3)
Mark McDermott, Enterprise Community Partners

Q&A (video) (MP3)


Summary of Key Points (video) (MP3)
Allen Fishbein, Federal Reserve Board